Author: Rob Doyle

Project Owl: How Google is Fighting the Fake News Problem

Google has been delivering updates to their search engine on a regular basis since its birth back in the 90’s. Their Latest endeavour is to combat the increasing problem of fake news. Fake news is the process of delivering content with the intention of changing the opinion on traditional beliefs or just creating phantom news stories. Because of a significant amount of search volume Google has, Google suggest was starting to suggest misleading and dangerous keywords and content. Google only wants to deliver the highest quality content and give the best user experience to its audience. Targeted and relevant content is...

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How Does Remarketing and Retargeting Work?

Remarketing is also often referred to as retargeting. They are similar in the respect that they have same objectives but with some differences. Retargeting is a system and process of getting returning visitors to your offers. Let’s say that you were looking to buy a TV, and you looked online at a particular model from a certain shop but leave without purchase and shut down your browser. The next day you go online, and adverts start to show you that same TV model. You are then shown similar ones to try and get you to buy the TV that you...

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