Author: Rob Doyle

Print Vs Digital – How We Like to View Content

I am currently conducting a research study into how we now use print and digital media. Print was the clear and only winner in the market for so many years. However, things have changed in recent years with the birth of the Internet. We now read the news and shop differently than we used to. Gone are the days when we had to do our shopping in bricks and mortar stores. It’s now a social choice, but you are likely to find most things cheaper online. The newspaper was an essential must once. It was incredible how news could...

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Is Keyword Research Still Relevant in 2017?

Keyword research was always the cornerstone for SEO and the first thing that marketers looked at when deciding if a campaign was viable or not. They would look for targeted keywords using Keyword Planner or Market Samurai, and long tail keywords for niche targeting. Once keywords were found with a high search count and weak competition, website content would be based on the use of these keywords. They would be strategically placed in the URL, title, H-tags, content body, site images and meta-tags. This would rank your content in the search engines and more specifically Google. Don’t get me...

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Print Media vs Digital Marketing – What’s Your Choice?

For many years the printing industry ruled when it came to marketing. The internet was not a reality, and print was the primary viable option to promote goods except TV or radio. For many years I worked in the printing industry up until the recession of 2008. During that time I saw significant changes in the industry. I saw companies closing down rapidly within a three year period. The ones that were left felt it was their right to reduce wages, remove company pensions and health schemes. It was a simple case of taking it or leave. For me,...

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Top 5 Places to Find Free Images Online for Your Projects

When it comes to finding images to use for your online projects, there are legal and copyright issues to consider. Regardless of what people may tell you, never use Google images unless the license for that image allows you too. I know when I was starting out online and looking for images, it was a real worry for to know what images to use and where to get them. The only way to feel comfortable with images was to pay for them from places like istockphoto. Now there is nothing wrong with doing that, any many people do, however...

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Welcome to Digital Marketing Eye

Hello and welcome to my new Digital Marketing blog. My name is Rob Doyle, and I have been passionate about computing and the internet for some years now, and it always excites me when something new happens in these areas. It’s fair to say that I am an early adopter when it comes to the latest technologies and methods, and I am always keeping my ear to the ground for when the next great thing is about to happen. My background, however, didn’t start online, but in traditional media, specifically the printing industry. I worked for many years in...

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