Remarketing is also often referred to as retargeting. They are similar in the respect that they have same objectives but with some differences. Retargeting is a system and process of getting returning visitors to your offers. Let’s say that you were looking to buy a TV, and you looked online at a particular model from a certain shop but leave without purchase and shut down your browser. The next day you go online, and adverts start to show you that same TV model. You are then shown similar ones to try and get you to buy the TV that you looked at yesterday from the first retailer. This is done by dropping a cookie on your computer when you first viewed the item.

Remarketing is more of a process of recovering abandoned shopping carts with the use of an automated email. If you decide to buy the TV but at the eleventh hour decide to look around for better prices but have added the item to the shopping cart, you will get an email from that shop telling you that you have not completed your purchase and that your shopping cart still has items. The shop will try and convince you to finish the purchase. You may even be given a special offer to entice you.

Remarketing and Retargeting are very complementary in their objectives but also different in the audiences that they are aiming at. The conversion rate will also differ because of the different techniques. Facebook, Google Adwords and Amazon all use these techniques because it makes sense to re-acquire targeted traffic and try and solve the problem that caused the sales to not complete.

If you have heard of these terms and didn’t understand the meaning of them or what the differences were, I hope this post has demystified it for you. If you are considering trying Remarketing or Retargeting, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on it and why it could work for you and your business.