It really can depend on the type of small business it is. Certain businesses can have a strong reliability on marketing via word-of-mouth, especially if the business has gained enough momentum over some years. Generally, by modern standards, small businesses will benefit by developing a good social media strategy. Here is our advice:

  • Be sure to make sure you understand how to use social media for engagement.
  • Be consistent and post on a regular basis. Don’t go silent!
  • Focus on one or two social media channels at first. Build up as you get more experienced.
  • Make sure your business and content are relevant to each other
  • Retargeting is huge Make sure you use it with your social media campaigns.
  • Use paid campaigns with caution. Start with a small budget and be sure to test, test and test.
  • Use tools like Buffer and Klout to automate Twitter and Facebook posting. You could load up several weeks of posts in one day.
  • Be sure to be using Instagram if possible. This social network is climbing at a rapid rate worldwide.
  • Use analytics to measure your social media. Don’t fly blind!
  • Make sure to use LinkedIn professionally to increase connections with similar businesses

One of the biggest problems with some small business owners is that they do not truly understand how to use social media to benefit their business. Some people do not get it at all. Not all social media channels will be suitable for every business. Pinterest would not be good for a removal business but would be perfect for photography or art business. It is very important to understand your target audience and demographics. Once you have this right, you should be able to send targeted traffic to your business website and preferably capture emails to build a subscriber list to sell to again and again.