print media vs digital marketingFor many years the printing industry ruled when it came to marketing. The internet was not a reality, and print was the primary viable option to promote goods except TV or radio. For many years I worked in the printing industry up until the recession of 2008. During that time I saw significant changes in the industry. I saw companies closing down rapidly within a three year period. The ones that were left felt it was their right to reduce wages, remove company pensions and health schemes. It was a simple case of taking it or leave.

For me, it was a mixture of the recession and the fact that the internet was gaining momentum until high speed and affordable internet providers became mainstream. There was also the fact that smartphones and devices had also become more accessible. The culture had changed. Internet cafes had appeared. If you look in your nearest Starbucks, people are all sitting there on their devices, working or surfing for leisure.

I was in a declining job that was only going to get worse, which led me to Digital Marketing. One day I was surfing the net looking for ways to make money online, and I discovered the Warrior Forum. From here I was able to join the war room, and another forum called WordPress Goldmine. In my own time, I picked up the skills to develop me as a Digital Marketer. I also did a degree in Business Computing and Web Design. That led me into Social Media Marketing. The rest is history.

My journey has taken me from print to the dynamic and ever-expanding world of Digital Marketing. For me, this has been a priceless career change. However, I still think print has a big part to play. I for one still prefer paper books. I hate Kindles. It’s still nice to use paper catalogues. Paper greeting cards still beat e-cards, and sometimes advertising still works better on paper. The older demographic would still prefer paper over computers.

Existing printing companies are trying to combat price by using digital printing presses over expensive lithographic processes, especially on shorter run jobs.

What is your opinion on Print Media vs Digital Marketing?

What do you use?

Do you still think print has a future?

Do you work in print or digital?. if so, what are your thoughts?

I’d appreciate your feedback, so please leave your comments below.