Google has been delivering updates to their search engine on a regular basis since its birth back in the 90’s. Their Latest endeavour is to combat the increasing problem of fake news. Fake news is the process of delivering content with the intention of changing the opinion on traditional beliefs or just creating phantom news stories.

Because of a significant amount of search volume Google has, Google suggest was starting to suggest misleading and dangerous keywords and content. Google only wants to deliver the highest quality content and give the best user experience to its audience. Targeted and relevant content is all that they want on page one of the search engine results.

To fight this problem, Google has created a new update called “Project Owl”. The purpose of this update is to evaluate content more accurately and enhance the searcher’s ability to provide feedback on the auto-complete suggestions. The new elements of this update are:

  •  A feedback form for search suggestions
  •  A feedback form for featured answer snippets
  •  New way of only showing authoritative content for better search quality
  •  New policies on why suggestions will be removed

This solution is far from perfect and will evolve with further updates over time. Google only wants to provide the best experience and won’t stop until the fight to stop fake news has been won.

What have your experiences been with fake news if any?

Do you have an opinion on how it needs to be tackled?

What do you think about “Project Owl”?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.