Social media dominates the world, we all now use it, and there are more networks going online every year. Facebook has proven to be the most popular for some years now, and it is understandable how and why this came to be. Mark Zuckerberg broke new ground when he launched this network, and it has built serious momentum over the years to become the all out leader in the world, but this is not the full story. There are countries around the world banning the use of Facebook and have their networks in place. We have created a data visualisation using Tableau to show you the landscape and demographic of world social media today.


As the map shows, Facebook dominates Europe and the Americas quite significantly with the main age group being 25-34 and the audience being slightly more female. Facebook has 1.8 billion active users worldwide. Russia and China are the two nations where Facebook cannot get a foot hold as Vkontakte, and Qzone takes its place. The above visualisation shows this in red and yellow.

One big reveal that this visualisation has been able to show is that Instagram is gaining momentum and taking over from Facebook in African countries. Even up to last year the map was mainly blue, but now Instagram is slowly but surely taking over there. The Social Network users and penetration chart for 2014-2020 shows an upward trend in Instagram by going from a world population usage of 20.1% to 38.8% by 2020 and a significant improvement compared to Facebook who will also gain but less than Instagram by going from 48.1% to 53.1%.

This visualisation gives an interesting picture of world social media, how it is locked down in certain countries and the fact that Instagram is seriously gain momentum going into the future. The other interesting fact, of course, is that Facebook owns Instagram, so it is a win win for Mark Zuckerberg.

If you have any thoughts on the results of this visualisation, please leave a comment below.