When it comes to finding images to use for your online projects, there are legal and copyright issues to consider. Regardless of what people may tell you, never use Google images unless the license for that image allows you too.

I know when I was starting out online and looking for images, it was a real worry for to know what images to use and where to get them. The only way to feel comfortable with images was to pay for them from places like istockphoto. Now there is nothing wrong with doing that, any many people do, however for people on a limited or no budget there is a solution, and that is to use Public Domain. The license I look for is the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero). These Images are free to use commercially with no need to show attribution in your work.

Let’s look at the five free Image sources that I use. The more of these sources you use, the more likely you will find what you are looking for without needing to pay a dollar an image elsewhere. I hope you find these sites useful, and be sure to bookmark them.



This site is my personal favorite and stocks over 890,000 images, including photos, vectors, and videos.



What started off as a small image distribution project on Tumblr, has now become an excellent resource for free images to use. The interface is clean, straightforward and easy to navigate. There are a large number of high-resolution images to find here.



Pexels has a clear explanation of the CC0 license and offers an extensive collection of images to use. It works as an aggregator for finding images off other CC0 sites. It just requires a simple free account signup to get you started. This site works similar to Pixabay.



Morguefile has been around for some years now. It was probably the first image resource I was happy to use. It offers a simple search feature and stocks many images



If you want free fun and quirky images, this is the place to go. This site hosts beautiful high-resolution photographs. The only thing that the owner asks for is that the images are used ethically and with common sense.