Hello and welcome to my new Digital Marketing blog. My name is Rob Doyle, and I have been passionate about computing and the internet for some years now, and it always excites me when something new happens in these areas. It’s fair to say that I am an early adopter when it comes to the latest technologies and methods, and I am always keeping my ear to the ground for when the next great thing is about to happen.

My background, however, didn’t start online, but in traditional media, specifically the printing industry. I worked for many years in that industry until the bubble burst back in 2008 when the recession started. Printing is still a fantastic media, but my interests had switched to Digital Media even before that time. I enjoyed making niche websites for a few years until the Google Panda, and Penguin algorithm updates turned niche marketing on its head. It was easy to think it was over for that kind of online marketer, but in reality, it was a case of having to adapt.

Through these years I have built an interest in the many areas of Digital Marketing and specifically Social Media Marketing. I have also been an author at EzineArticles, as well as having an active interest in SEO, SEM, Keyword Research, and blogging. SEO has certainly changed but still, plays a part. However, video such as YouTube has really taken off in recent years and should be a part of your online presence.

The aim and purpose of this blog are to scour the Digital Marketing world and report on any interesting news and methods worth knowing. The information may be new or old, but I certainly won’t publish and fluff. Just the right stuff.

I hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment or share if you like them.


Rob Doyle